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Eminem  HAS claimed his 8th Number One album as Revival topped the Billboard 200 in its debut week. Exploding , Em has once agan claimed his throne. Though as a die hard SLIM SHADY fan, blogger, screenwriter and novelist, the “My Name is Stan”  rapper is now 45 and  his lyrics and focus have matured. However, we’re talking about a man whose net worth is […]


HEY EVERYONE, GLAD you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, next up… Christmas and that jolly ole fat man I wrote about in my 2013 debut novel, The Santa Claus Killer. Have you been naughty or nice? He’s making that list and checking it twice… well, that’s the story we’re told. But the real story of […]

The Turkeys Are Running Scared

Do you ever consider, for even a moment, where your Thanksgiving Bird comes from? I think about the poor Tom Turkey running around a farm before he is grabbed and his throat slashed. Makes me ill just thinking about it. And yet, when the dinner bell rings and there is a nice plump Rib Eye […]

Monsters in the Woods

  FOLKS, FRIENDS AND FANS, I am glad to finally be able to sit here at my 27″ iMac and ponder the last four years with you all. As many of my fans are aware, the last 48 months since my bicycle accident have been filled with surgery after surgery. I have suffered through 8 surgeries with […]


                                                           Hey folks, here is a five chapter review of MONSTERS.                              Publication date: […]

The Dog Days of Summer!

Here we are again, creeping up to that happy time of year, where kids find themselves happily jumping through opened fire hydrants, or hiking along hard packed dirt trails twisting through the woods. Summer Camp… ah yes, a boy’s birthright of passage, it was and remains pure bliss… a time of hanging out with friends for ten straight […]

RJ on the Channel 10 News

In Early April, 2016, The Master of Suspense, RJ Smith, was invited to appear on Live News with Channel 10. He appeared with Dr. Ashram Hanna and the orthopedic surgeon, Scott Webb, DO, of the Florida Spine Institute. Fans will remember that on the evening of June 10th, 2013, RJ fell into an un-barricaded and unlighted hole […]


FANS, Friends and horror fans everywhere. I know it’s been some time since you’ve all heard a peep outta me. I haven’t passed onto the hereafter, and despite rumors on the Internet, it is true, I can definitely confirm… I am not dead. Although, as many of my followers know, sometimes I feel like death. […]