RJ on the Channel 10 News

In Early April, 2016, The Master of Suspense, RJ Smith, was invited to appear on Live News with Channel 10. He appeared with Dr. Ashram Hanna and the orthopedic surgeon, Scott Webb, DO, of the Florida Spine Institute. Fans will remember that on the evening of June 10th, 2013, RJ fell into an un-barricaded and unlighted hole while riding his bicycle at night on a sidewalk. The excavation was done by a company named Ajax Paving, Inc, a Michigan Company that has multiple Florida plants and locations. That accident broke RJ’s shoulder, paralyzed his left arm and fingers and caused serious injuries to the writer’s lumbar and cervical spine. RJ now suffers daily from pain and has titanium plates, screws and artificial materials implanted in his neck, back and shoulder. Here is the news segment where doctors speak about the innovative surgeries that put RJ back together.