The Turkeys Are Running Scared

Do you ever consider, for even a moment, where your Thanksgiving Bird comes from? I think about the poor Tom Turkey running around a farm before he is grabbed and his throat slashed.

Makes me ill just thinking about it. And yet, when the dinner bell rings and there is a nice plump Rib Eye Roast on the table, many never even consider that the meat came from a living animal slaughtered in horrible ways.

Even on Christmas, when the Honey Roasted Ham hit’s the table I pause thinking about the poor pig that never had a real chance at life… it’s sad, isn’t it? Can any of you imagine what pigs go through stuck in a cage where they can’t even turn around…..until they are pulled from their confinement, hung by their rear legs, and slaughtered by the slashing of their throats?

The same is true for so called Veal Cutlets. This meat comes from the flesh of baby cows that are also stuck in a cage; standing for the entirety of their short lives before the knives arrive.

It all seems somewhat insane, how badly we treat animals on this planet.

Saying all that… when you eat your Turkey this year, remember the life it surrendered for your meal.

As a Horror Novelist, these types of things interest me. by RJ November 2017