Eminem  HAS claimed his 8th Number One album as Revival topped the Billboard 200 in its debut week. Exploding , Em has once agan claimed his throne. Though as a die hard SLIM SHADY fan, blogger, screenwriter and novelist, the “My Name is Stan”  rapper is now 45 and  his lyrics and focus have matured. However, we’re talking about a man whose net worth is 190,000,000.00 ( That’s right –One Hundred and Ninety Million Dollars.)
but his high controversial energy and songs scream on.
In recent years, Eminem has become a reclusive celebrity. Throughout much of the late 90s and early 2000, much of his personal life was continuously displayed in courtrooms. He has battled both his mother and his ex-wife Kim in civil court, over custody and money. Kim and Eminem share daughter Hailie and  Eminem has custody of Kim’s daughter from another relationship.

Eminem is Back!

Em’s latest LP, his first album since 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, opened with 267,000 total copies in its first week of release, with 197,000 of that total culled from traditional album sales.
Although that total marked the third-best first-week tally for a hip-hop album in 2017 – behind Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. and Drake’s More Life – it was a significant drop from the first week sales for The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which opened with 792,000 copies four years ago, Billboard reports.
Every Eminem album since The Marshall Mathers LP, as well as his Curtain Call greatest hits collection in 2005 has topped the Billboard 200. Em has six Number Ones behind Jay-Z  who has a current Billboard 200 record of 14,…  although that tally does not include Em’s 8 Mile soundtrack, which also reached Number One in 2002.
Despite the naysayers and haters who’ve previously announced that Em was a has been, aging rapper who’d given all he had.  His new platinum album REVIVAL,  once again reminds us that when it come to The Real Slim Shady, anything is possile- RJ Smith 12/27/17