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It’s been months since I’ve posted anything here. The reasons are many. In February, I lost my beloved pointer terrier, Destiny, whom I saved from death row at the shelter more than eight years ago. Then, in March, mom passed away from lung cancer. This post was supposed to outline my retirement from the entertainment […]

Village Voice columnist, R.J. Smith

Politically Incorrect: Guns N’ Roses & Public Enemy Sound Off! “Forty-eight hours in the feeding cycle of New York City. There were Uzis, Public Enemy re­grouping, and a clique of blond babes orbiting Axl Rose at the Cat Club. All of this connects. How was your week?” by R.J. SMITH Swing Shift by R.J. Smith […]

Waxing Poetic

  South Beach – Miami – Ocean Drive My birth-mother Harriet “Tish” Smith is dead. She died on March 1st, 2020, at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, and much like in her life, she was alone, unhappy and afraid. It was terribly sad, yet completely predictable. For reasons still unknown to me and my siblings, she […]

The Day After Roswell

ACTUAL U.S. Army photographs of an interplanetary flying disc confirmed by full bird colonel, Philip James Corso (May 22, 1915–July 16, 1998). Just prior to his death, he broke the silence and published “The Day After Roswell” in 1997, confirming his involvement in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

DYLAN ROOF: Sentenced to Death!

Hey guys, hope ur having a great Spring 2019. Usually, I try not to share my personal political views… whether that’s got to do with actual politics or that of life. However, obviously… I am breaking my silence on one hell of a horrid crime. In the usual circumstances of this thing we call life, […]

The Killer Species of Man

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a few fishermen from the small inlet Canadian town of North Lake where Blue Fin Tuna used to spawn in the millions. With the explosion of raw fish or sushi, we are witnessing the global depletion of global fish stocks and the decline in fisheries. Most important […]

South Florida Faces Imminent Destruction

EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS. My home cities of Miami Beach (South Beach), Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota and Key West are in serious trouble. The truth is, The Atlantic Ocean and surrounding waterways have risen and will continue to do so! Our FLOODS & STORMS are no longer 100-year incidents… but occur every year now! In our […]