DYLAN ROOF: Sentenced to Death!

Hey guys, hope ur having a great Spring 2019. Usually, I try not to share my personal political views… whether that’s got to do with actual politics or that of life. However, obviously… I am breaking my silence on one hell of a horrid crime. In the usual circumstances of this thing we call life, I would tell you I’m a staunch supporter of all life and that normally I am against death sentences. I am generally against it and believe if it is going to be used, then only the most depraved, psychotic, and dangerous should receive the ultimate punishment. Nobody fits the mold as well as serial killer Dylan Roof! He’s the embodiment of bad… an exceptionally sick puppy. What he did is and will always be inexcusable, an act filled with hate and anger. If anyone deserves to die, I suppose it’s him. Imagine for a moment what those beautiful souls thought the day this animal walked into their church with murder in his stare. Don’t let the young face fool you, everything you need to know about any monster is set in the eyes. It is the stare of a madman. – RJ

Created: 3 May 2019