Hey FANS… It’s getting on towards the holiday season of 2014, and as I do every year, it’s time to start building Santa’s list for my Ultimate Reader Experience Give-a-Way!

Here’s how it works.

From October through December 15th, all you have to do is click over to my ULTIMATEiStock_000010699577Medium-657x318 READER EXPERIENCE and sign up by entering your e-mail.

This automatically enters you into my Christmas Ultimate Reader Experience give-a-way which includes autographed copies of my novels, an amazon gift card and a KINDLE reading device.

On December 15th my US and UK Literary Agents will randomly choose 25 names from those who sign up for The Experience.

On December 16th, those names will be sent to my US Editor who will then draw ten names as finalists. That same day, the list will be e-mailed to Santa who will randomly pick  three names.

events_santaEach name Santa draws will WIN either a brand new KINDLE pre-loaded with my e-books, an Amazon Gift card or autographed copies of my books.

Only Santa knows which you will receive. But at least one Kindle will be awarded, two gift cards and ten novels.

Santa will also draw two more names from those who follow his favorite author on Twitter: 

Good luck everyone!

Now, here is the link to sign up for the drawing: