Monsters In The Woods

Friends, Fans and everyone on the world-wide web. After more than five years recuperating from all my surgeries, my new novel, Monsters in the Woods will be released in Hardcover, Paperback and E-book. Right now, exclusively on Amazon for the next 90-days, you can pre-order your e-copy for just $3.99. On June 19th, the paperback and hardcover will be available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon and hundreds of other retailers.

Monsters tells of creatures who stalk the darknesss and snatch the flesh from the living. This is an unrelenting and ferocious tale of a reptilian race of beings attempting to annihilate humanity. A chilling novel for fans of adult Contemporary Horror, Y.A. SCI-FY, Fantasy or General Fiction, this EPIC story is Harry Potter meets Swamp Thing, yet is an entirely original and facinating tale. It’s for those with enormous imaginations of a wonderful frightfest! That being said, this tale also has roots in reality. It sprouts from real reports of green and scaly creatures documented throughout humanity’s historical records.

Not long ago, I happened across a Hopi Legend that warned of reptilian beings said to be living in a series of tunnels and caves hundreds of feet under the Nevada and Arizona deserts. Many argue it’s the stuff of science fiction. But, when I first heard of the lizard people and their existence during my annual pilgrimage to the UFO Congress’ Annual Symposium in the state of Arizona, I had to wonder… could there really be something to this tale? With at least 200 billion galaxies in space (and possibly even more), we’re very likely talking about a Universe filled with trillions of planets in billions of universes! Couldn’t there be melevolent alien life out there somewhere?

And, If so, why is it so fundamentally insane to suppose they’ve come to Earth to live among Earthlings? Maybe they’re planning to wipe us out. A true story reported In 1955 Indiana tells of an encounter with something residents called The Green Clawed Beast. The story went… that two friends were swimming in the Ohio River and unexpectantly came upon a creature that pulled one of the girls underwater. With her friend Miss Darwin Johnson looking on, she struggled back to the surface kicking and thrashing for dear life. Claiming to have escaped a reptilian’s green hairy claw, sure enough… when back on land, everyone noticed a jade-colored hand-print on her leg that couldn’t be washed off for days, but the story didn’t end there. Within days, both girls were visited by peculiar looking men dressed in black suits who ordered them to renounce any and all knowledge of the incident!

Monsters in the Woods is a novel about… what if? It follows a group of parentless young boys from a Children’s Home who come into contact with creatures who appear through a wormhole in the woods behind their institution. With Humanity on the edge of extinction, there is only one special and reincarnated boy alive on Earth who can save the Universe from being destroyed by the beasts. With world governments under attack and most of the world’s major cities falling to the monsters, the President of the United States must work with all of humanity to stave off the beings until prophesy is revealed.