I just got back from Mexico where I had the pleasure to chill.

I was in Santa Monica the night this picture to the right was taken, moments before I slipped a dollar into the machine.


“YOU ARE SCREWED! Put in more money!”

Actually, I’m telling a tale, the ticket in fact offered a bit more hope… about life, success and different paths. I’m still trying to figure out the last part, but coming from a plastic make believe seer enclosed by glass, I suppose I can shrug off the advice.

Then…  off I went off to Ensenada , Mexico… where I acquired a new sculpture to add to the  growing collection of AZTEC and MAYAN art in my study.


I walked along the streets here, watched as the extremely poor make their children beg for pennies from US cruise ship passengers whom waltz  past with upraised noses.


I handed out quarters like a water faucet – until my pockets were empty.

When I left the country behind, I could’t help but realize how grateful and fortunate I am to live in a land called America.

A place where a poor Irish kid from the ghetto of 1970’s  Times Square could grow up and become a skilled storyteller.

A Country that no matter our differences, our worst off are still living better  than those suffering the same fate in a country like Mexico.

AND SO… as I sit here tonight and ponder the path described by the Santa Monica fortune teller, I chuckle and nod… and then I realize… maybe I don’t know shit from Shinola! OR maybe I know too much.    10/09/2012