emmy-awards-2013I’ve just returned home from my first signing for this season’s new mega international Christmas tale:

The Santa Claus Killer

It was the last weekend in August, and there I was at ComiCon at the Tampa Convention Center, just one isle over from Hugh Howey.

We were there to sign our newest books, him, the latest in his WOOL series and I, The Santa Claus Killer.

I hadn’t met Hugh yet, we merely chatted on Facebook a few times, and I was a follower of his extraordinary accomplishments connecting with fans via the internet. Now, of course, he’s a phenomenon and case study in how to make it in this modern day era of selling books.


RJs Signing Booth

As  for me, this was supposed to be stop number one on a ten city tour that would skyrocket Santa to the rainbow of bestseller status.  It would have been a busy year, but the bike accident I wrote about in June has caused me to cancel planned events.

But, the time has come – September 1st 2013, the book will release to the global market supported by an national advertising campaign in November.

It doesn’t take much to get my attention, especially when quality people surface to broaden my appeal and market-share of the reading consumer. 

One thing I learned, people are placed in your path for a reason, nothing happens by chance, and when opportunity knocks, you better answer that door, because as Eminem will tell you, OPPORTUNITY NEVER KNOCKS TWICE.

It barely knocks once.

So let me review: It’s been more than a year since I wrote “The End” on page 400 of The Santa Claus Killer, and I never imagined that 12-months later I’d still be awaiting theID_no_14591 release. What I did learn…. things take time in the publishing industry — just like Hollywood Studios or Production Companies, its all about who you know and who holds the keys. My time had finally come and I was on my way to the top of the list.

So, here I am at ComiCon  – selling books, meeting new fans and old, just getting out the word that the book is almost ready for release.

The distributor informed me we’re set, the advertising is ready, art work done. it’s  90-days until the ads begin to appear and the orders commence.


RJ Signing Books

But I can’t make appearances because of my injury, too much pain. Making connections is key — this is a team effort, a community of fans, publicity, image and hard work.

It also has to do with having a commercial product that appeals to everyone. The Number ONE commercial appeal?

SANTA CLAUS and Christmas

Nice fat bulls-eye on that one!

So now… with the help of Christmas, My agent Joyce Keating and a big chunk of advertising, it’s all up to the book buying community since I wont be doing events.

I can honestly look at my reflection in the mirror and say, I went all out, gave it1242040_10201966910793337_1398779164_n everything I had, and didn’t turn a blind eye to detail.

For now… I rely on the fat man and his naughty list to carry the day.

Him, and all those five star reviews on Barnes & Noble should bring the film deal — and damn, isn’t that why I do this?

NEXT UP – SPOOKY EMPIRES in Orlando, outside the gates of Universal Studios. How fitting! Come on out and say hello! (UPDATE: this was cancelled due to my injures)